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To Read or Write

I woke up with all intentions of writing something.  I thought I had something to write, something more to say that "woe is me..."  Eh, but then I fired up Reader and all was lost.  I started off with 91 unread posts and now I'm down to 61 posts, a little turned on, my son playing games on my phone 3 feet away, and my wife stirring in the bedroom down the hall.

The day is beginning.  I am singing in church and then heading to my mother-in-laws for dinner.  We are  still cleaning up from my son's birthday party yesterday and all-in-all it's a good weekend.

I've talked about flirting with a friend via texting.  She won't let me call her on the phone though.  Yesterday she sent a picture of her knee sticking up through the bubbles of her bath.  It was cute and flirty and fun and when no where.  We went back and forth for a bit but I couldn't get her to move up the chain.  She told me to "go enjoy my wife" and I just laughed.  She might as well have said, "Go join the NBA."  [Not a perfect comparison, i know, but i'm having trouble thinking of something nice that happens occasional, less often than you'd like, but totally out of your control]  While she's fun to flirt with, she'll never let anything happen, so I have to get that in my head.  I did see her at the pool the other day.  Nice ass.

For those of you who are keeping score, my friend who was on punishment has redeemed herself and is off restriction.  I think she's very happy about that, as am I.

I know my writing has been sub-par these days.  With the job hunt in full-swing (no progress, but my name is "on the list" for several jobs) and the kids at home, the time and privacy to write has been at a minimum.

I'll try to be more interesting this week, 'cause next week I'm on vacation.  Yeah!!  6 days in the car with my sister.

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