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It is so wet here today, y'all!

Well, our summer sunshine has fallen by the wayside and we are back to business as usual in our drippy Pacific Northwest. I'm not fussed. I love rain. It keeps me from having to water the yard, it makes everything smell nice, and it's soothing to listen to. Plus I have it to thank for the profusion of greenery where we live. Some places you actually have to plant stuff and tend it constantly to get it to grow. Not so here. You basically have to work to get stuff to quit growing. Definitely makes my little green heart happy!

Last night Patrick and I were lying in bed and Monkey decided to jump up and sit on my chest while I petted her for a while. Gurgles followed after about 5 minutes to find a spot near my feet to curl up in, but Monkey evidently suspected he was trying to usurp her place and turned her head to hiss at him when he arrived on the comforter. Gurgles is seldom flustered by anything and ignored her, flopping down in a contented furry puddle. He's been particularly anti-gravity lately, zooming around the house and jumping all over the place. It's sort of like having a really big sugar glider.

Today I met Patrick for lunch at Cherry Street, which is a sort of Middle Eastern-inspired place. They're a type of chain, but I think they're individually owned, because other ones I've seen don't have this same Arabian vibe (Arabic writing on walls, decorations from the Middle East, etc). We had falafel pitas and salads. Sooo tasty! The falafel sandwiches have hummus, tahini, tzatziki, tomato, lettuce, and a dill pickle in them. I hadn't tried them before because I'm really a creature of habit and I'd gotten stuck in a fresh mozzarella sandwich rut, but they are good. I will be having more.

After lunch Patrick thoughtfully walked me back to work so he could hold our umbrella over me (we only have one at the moment). As we were about to cross a street, a guy coming from the other direction said, "That's a great dress, and I can only see the bottom of it!" haha I was wearing my big black wool coat from Reiss over this skirt in red tartan that I got some time ago, and only a few inches or so of skirt were visible. That is the mark of a good purchase, girls: when you get compliments on it from strangers who can't even see it.
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