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Monday, again

This week I make the following goals:

1 - No whining.  Even I'm getting tired of my self pity.
2 - Good Eating.  I've been bouncing around the same weight for a week.  I hate that.
3 - More Sex, with my wife if possible, by myself if needed, Skype friends welcome.  ;-p
4 - A blog post every day.  This counts for today, TMI tomorrow, a birthday tribute on Sunday, something else on the other days.  And I'll try not to be depressing.
5 - Get some work done.  I am meeting with a potential consulting client tomorrow and I have a raft of jobs to respond to this week.  I also have to write an article for my new company web-site and update the design so it's more dynamic and less of just an on-line brochure.
6 - I have gear check for scout camp and I have to pack for a family vacation that I do not want to go on.
7 - I will workout every day.  Next week will be family vacation and I have the best of intentions, but, you know....
8 - I will make 10 calls to potential clients.
9 - I will be nice to the underlings
10 - I will TRY to get to one of the many new books that are calling me from the bookshelf.  Maybe that is what I'll do on vacation, read!

All right, that's about it.

I'm heading to the library later (30 min until it opens) to write an application for two jobs at a hospital near me.  A friend of a friend has agreed to recommend me to HR and so I hope (a little) to at least get a call back.

After that I'm drafting questions for a potential client that called me last week!  Yeah, a small job, but who cares, any job is a potential next job and a testimonial on the web-site.  I set up my business banking account and I even have a little bank deposit bag, it's all so official.  I hope to get my first client check soon.  I already have some money on the outgoing side, now I need the incoming side....

If anyone needs a good IT manager/project manager/process improvement specialist, let me know.  My passport is current and I have no outstanding warrants that would prevent me from travelling internationally.

Oh, and congratulations to Italy, condolences to England, for the EuroCup results over the weekend.  It was like having to pick between .....  well, I was just hoping that both sides won.....
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