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Patrick's solo was reviewed very well!

We learned last night that Patrick's trombone solo was favorably mentioned in Seen and Heard International.

Altogether, then, enhanced by the singing of four excellent soloists, by the truly “mirum sonum” Patrick Urion drew from his trombone in the Dies Irae, and by crisp timpani-playing by a guest musician aptly named Matthew Drumm, this was a performance of the Requiem fully worthy of its dedication to the memory of philanthropist Jack Benaroya, whose support in the late 1990s was instrumental in enabling the building of the hall that bears his name, and who died at the age of 90 a few days before the concert.

In fact the solo is played during the Tuba Mirum, not the Dies Irae, but I can forgive the author for that little slip-up. Since the programs for the Seattle Symphony appear to be printed monthly, they hadn't inserted Patrick's name in the second trombonist slot for these performances, and the solo was originally credited to David Ritt, the permanent second trombonist in the Symphony. Graciously, he wrote to Bernard Jacobson (the author) and requested Patrick's name be substituted for proper attribution. We didn't even know about this writeup until David forwarded Patrick the conversation he'd had with Bernard asking him to fix the name, so that was a nice surprise.

I looked it up and "mirum sonum" by itself means "wondrous sound".

I concur.
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