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There's apparently a shooter on the loose in Seattle (was? he might be gone now)

You can read about it here. I guess there was one shooting downtown and several more up north in the U District. They have security pictures of the U District guy, but so far no one has been apprehended. There was a manhunt (maybe still is, they haven't got any suspects in custody that I'm aware of), and a bunch of streets were blocked off, schools closed, etc.

From the U District cafe shooting that left three people dead.
Blocked off streets while police engage in a search.
Five people were shot in the cafe, but hopefully two will make it. I think only one person was shot near Town Hall in downtown. Maybe it's the same guy in both cases? How many dudes with guns shooting people can we possibly have in one day?

From the same article I linked to:

In the last month, there have been two random killings in the city. Last week, a man died when a stray bullet struck him as he and his family drove down a Seattle street. In late April, a woman died of injuries suffered in an apparently random drive-by shooting near downtown. No arrests have been made in either of those fatalities. On Saturday, a bystander was wounded near the iconic Space Needle when he was struck by a bullet allegedly fired by a gang member involved in a dispute with another man, authorities said.

What the hell is going on?! We never used to have crime like this. Seattle people are notoriously passive. Is this just a sudden wave of badness out of the blue?

UPDATE: Now they think the cafe gunman shot himself. I hope so, then we can quit worrying about him running around somewhere. And we won't have to pay for his murderous ass to rot in jail.
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