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Tried a short walk yesterday

I'd thought to get out and get a bit of light exercise yesterday. Patrick and I went to this park called Meadowdale Beach, and I hadn't ever been there before, so I didn't realize the trail was pretty steep (steps involved). Climbing uses my back muscles, so we weren't able to do much without me being in pain, but I did get a few pictures anyway.

I'm such a sad sack lately. I'm frustrated at this pain and not being able to do anything. I'm afraid of this coming week as I have a ton of work to do plus another therapeutic massage (first one was yesterday, fairly excruciating), and I know I'm going to be in a lot of pain and be very stressed. Dreading all that.

Everything makes me tear up and want to cry. I'm very pathetic just now. I'm not taking pain meds currently because I want to save them for this horrible next week, and I can't take Ibuprofen. The last two times I've thrown up for some reason or other (last was Friday night, time before that was Valentine's), my saliva afterwards has had streaks of fresh blood in it. I think perhaps the Ibuprofen is doing something to my stomach, so I'm not taking it anymore. I'm going to bring that up when I see the doctor on Wednesday and see what he says.

I can't even lift the cello without pain, so lessons are currently out of the question. Fortunately my teacher is very understanding. Not sure when I'll be able to go back to it. Probably a few weeks at least.

This morning before Patrick had to go play his opera I made breakfast. Cheese blintzes (sweet crepes with a filling of ricotta, huckleberry honey and vanilla, raspberry sauce drizzled over), cantaloupe and tea. Patrick graciously cut up the cantaloupe before having to shower and dress (opera requires a black suit).

It was mostly okay, except I've been feeling like I've got a tiny bit of vertigo today. It keeps happening. Suddenly my head spins a bit and I get a wave of half nausea, half dizziness. Doesn't matter if I'm sitting down or standing up. I am not sure what that's from. Maybe either the accident giving me a minor concussion or going completely off Lexapro. It isn't severe, thankfully.

Anyway, that's what's going on. Here are the pictures I took. Hope y'all like them. Hopefully clicking on them will give you bigger versions, but I'm not sure...

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