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I finally replaced my old Oakley sunglasses

Remember when Patrick took me to Cannon Beach, Oregon and my beloved sunglasses broke? Well, Oakley doesn't make those sunglasses anymore, which is a real pity. They'd lasted me for ten long, glorious years before mysteriously giving up the ghost.

I hemmed and hawed about getting new ones, and kept putting it off because, hey, it was winter in Seattle. Not exactly sunglasses weather. But then last weekend happened, and holy sunny, Batman! I caved and bought myself some replacement ones. I'd gotten a cheap pair at the beach just to deal with the light on the water, but those are never anywhere near as comfortable and nice-looking as decently made sunglasses, not to mention they feel like even opening the earpieces out will make them break.

These are the ones I got:
Titanium frame and polarized lenses. No Muir snowfield blindness for this girl!
I'm fully expecting to never have to buy another pair of sunglasses again. If plastic frames will last me ten years, titanium ones ought to last longer than I will. And you can get replacement lenses, if they should get scratched. I take really good care of my stuff, though, and my other ones didn't have a single scratch on the lenses (contributing a few kinks to the strange plot twist of how on earth they could've broken the way they did... I suspect gremlins are behind it).

They're actually listed as men's sunglasses, but big deal. The women's line lately is full of these awful gigantic glasses that make you look like some sort of alien insect. No thank you. I'll take these any day. I love them so much that I've actually been wearing contacts to work so I can wear my sunglasses while driving. Usually I hate wearing contacts because my eyes are naturally fairly dry and they can be uncomfortable, but these are worth it.

I'll put up a picture of myself wearing them when I feel up to it. Physical therapy today made me a little achey, and I have it periodically for the next three weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that it fixes all my issues... The other night I was standing in the kitchen with Patrick and turned my head rapidly to the left for some reason. There was a huge crack from my neck that almost echoed around the kitchen (it was loud), and then I felt a little better (once I ascertained that I hadn't just turned myself into a quadriplegic).

Hopefully I am on the mend.
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