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Hair! Or: Things I Learned Today About Lawnmowers

Those two things aren't really connected. I went and had my hair redyed back to a glorious darkness today, and I am SO DAMN HAPPY about it! I look in the mirror and recognize myself again! Brown hair, how I missed you. I will never turn on you again.

The picture of it is at the end of this post instead of right before this paragraph because I'm using that Blogger app on my phone, and it is too stupid to put pictures anywhere but at the bottom of posts. Good job, Blogger...

Anyway, it's awesome and I love it. It's a bit darker than it usually is because we had to go darker in order to cover up the red. I'll have to get it dyed several more times to fully cover the red, but no biggie. Honestly, the shampoos and head massaging that come with it are almost worth paying for on their own. Soooo pleasurable.

I'd purr if I could.

When I came home, we had a bite to eat and then went out to do yardwork. HAHAHAHA. No. Mower wouldn't start.

We tried various things, to no avail. The internet claimed that we needed a bunch of tools that we didn't have in order to fix what was most likely a gummed up carburetor.

Allow me to explain said carburetor: we had some inordinately warm weather late in the year, and the grass was still growing. To appease my sense of order, Patrick heroically tried to mow in November. The mower wasn't having it, as it was just cold enough that it wouldn't start.

Usually he makes a point of burning up the rest of the fuel if it's going to sit for a while, but in this case the silly thing wouldn't even start, so it had a bunch of gas sitting in it all winter that we couldn't get rid of. This turned weird and gummed up the carburetor, and that brings us to today.

After scouring the internet and inwardly screaming at the mower, we decided to take it to Sears for repairs. Patrick tried calling them and made it through their stupid automated phone tree all the way until the computer forgot why he was calling in the first place and started asking him if his rowing machine was still under warranty (?!?). I HATE automated phone menus.

We hung up as viciously as we could and decided to go ahead and drag the mower to Sears, reasoning that we'd just let them throw it away if the repairs turned out to be more than a new one was worth. We tried cramming it in both trunks and finally succeeded in shoving it into the backseat of Patrick's car on top of a blanket. Pain in the ASS, let me tell you.

We drove it over there and left it with a dude after ascertaining that it was still under warranty. I suspect it will still cost money to fix, but I think we get parts for free if they're necessary. Anyway, it was much better than having Patrick beat it to death with his fists if he'd tried to fix it himself without any of the required tools.

So, kids, the moral of this story is that you should never ever try to mow the lawn in November. And you should also never leave gas in the mower, because it apparently turns into horrible Evil Engine-clogging Jello. Be ye not so stupid.

Without further ado, a hair picture! It was up because we were fighting with the mower a short time before, so you don't get the full effect, but I'm sure you will all get the idea.

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