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At her command....

She wasn't used to giving instructions. 
She took them
Obeyed them
Carried them out
and waited for more.
So I asked her....
May I have permission Ma'm?
Permission for what?
I want to cum.
No, you have to tell me to.
(a long pause in the DM conversation, 2 emails got written and lunch plans were made)
Use baby oil.
For what?
you know.
No, i don't.  Tell me.
For when you.....
When I what?
Aaagh, I'm no good at this.  He never lets me tell him anything.
I'm only allowed to ask what he needs.
I know
I know.
Tell me.
(lunch plans were changed, reservations cancelled and made again, a PowerPoint drafted)
I want you to cum for me using baby oil.
OK, I want to be in the NBA.  Tell me.
Cum for me
WHAT!!  Ugh.
(a phone call, restroom, 2 small chocolates and a hand full of nuts)
My DM light blinks.
You are to cum for me before bed, use baby oil, stroke slowly, and cum hard.
At your command
(a pause)
May I?  
Now, please.
You may

She reported later that she gushed for the first time in months and had to do laundry before her husband came home with the boys.

I am constantly amazed at how many men miss the erotic potential of their women.

I was able to carry out her commands late that night as the family slept.
When we chatted the next day, she had to do even more laundry.

Thank you Mistress.

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