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FFF Prompt - Lent's talk about sex!

OK, it's Lent, right?  the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter where good Catholics, and a few others who just like it when men wear dresses, give up something as a show of devotion and sacrifice.  Last week Ryan of The Ashley Madison Adventures of a good guy gone bad wrote about giving up celibacy for lent, a sneaky move, totally approved of by the church.  Go good job.

This week's picture was submitted by another FFF player, Kinbaku-Gardener, who must spend a fortune on ropes, and when he's "all tied up", you know he is way more than busy, he is getting busy.

Thanks for the great picture!  I love submissions (and submissives).  My tumblr for FFF ideas is "More Bad Advice"  I'd love to get your ideas and I'll do my best to use them. 

This week's prompt:

Key Word = Conclave
Word Limit = 200
Extra Credit = Correctly Guess the name of the new pope
Bonus words can be earned by dressing as a nun/priest/choir boy
the next time you have sex.

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