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Valentine's Day - 2013

I had fully intended to write a Valentines post today. I am richly blessed to have many wonderful people in my life at this time. I was going to declare publicly what a joy some of these friends are, but these things are not to be said lightly, or without thought, and now, at 5:39 PM it is too late to craft those words wisely.

To those who are in my life I hope you know how special you are. From those near, to those far, to those I chat with, talk with, laughwith, and cry with. You are all wonderful and I count myself blessed  to have you.

There will come a day soon when I can write more fully about you individually. Do not worry, however, your secrets are safe with me. Perhaps I will sing your praises and let the guessing game to others.

I am a lucky man.
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