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Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you're all enjoying Love Day in your own way, be it pampering yourself or hugging your pets or having dinner with a Significant Other. Patrick and I are going to Volterra for Valentine's Day dinner (NO wild boar this time, I have learned my lesson). I was going to dress up, but it's raining buckets outside and the last time we had dinner there we had to park literally a half mile away, so I decided sensible clothes and hiking boots were in order. He gave me a wonderful massage last night that lulled me right into sleep. No nightmares, so I am happy!

On the hair front, I have decided that purplish red does not suit my skin color (or like anything I own except stuff that's black and white). It looks SO weird. I may at a later date attempt red hair again, but for now I'm looking forward to regaining my original brown! I miss you, brown hair. I miss how you went with everything and you didn't look terrible when you were left alone to be naturally curly. My appointment is on March 9 at 11am.

In other news, we did our taxes and are getting a refund, so I get to order my Dreamcoat! I tried to get Patrick to refrain from giving me birthday and Christmas presents so I could save up for this, and we are using only extra money from gigs for it. I am SO excited. Construction has begun, although it will probably be at least a month and a half before it's finished. Can't wait to show you guys what it looks like.

Happy Valentine's Day! You are loved!
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