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TMI - What's your Role?

To spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be? (select one)a. I have never role-played before and will need a lot of instruction.
b. I have tested the waters, but never acted out anything scripted.(Actual)
c. I have got my feet wet and want more!
d. Dive in head first – nothing is too deep.(Willing)
My partners have always found role-play to be "silly" and contrived and never gotten in to it. I think it would be fun, but I like acting in general, so why not? 

2. What scenario peaks your interest most? Why?
a. Romantic and sensual
b. Playful and fun
c. Kinky! I want it all.
Let's get started with something that doesn't need sub-space recover time or an explanation to the neighbors, police, or Skype monitors.  

3. Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy?
a. A brothel - This gives you the option of multiple partners of all flavors and predilictions
b. A dungeon - Castles are damp and filled with rats, so no thanks on this one.
c. A bedroom - zzzz, zzzz, zzzz....
d. A prison cell - I'm not in to dudes who like dudes, but what ever floats your boat.  I guess if I was the warden it might work out with those nice prison ladies up the freeway.  They're not all crazy.

4. Which of the following toys would be prominently featured in your fantasy? (select one)
a. Feathers and whipped cream - Have you ever cleaned whip cream off a parrot?  It's a bad combination.  now, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, sure
b. Handcuffs, panty hose, and a necktie - Now we are getting close
c. Whips and chains - in snowy weather it's always good to have chains with you, but I don't see how a whip is going to help.
d. Ice cubes and a cold beer - I don't drink but I didn't think you put ice in beer.  Oh, I get it, you have to wear a tie while getting her drunk before she'll let you get her out of her pantyhose.  See?  I'm catching on.

5. It is time to take your sexy self to fantasy island, which fantasy will you bring to life to rock your lover’s world?
a. The Sassy Sexy Jersey Whore - I like things that are Sassy
Gaudy, Flashy, Showy…totally Jersey!
b. Kinky Cook - Well, as long as you aren't doing deep fried foods, cooking in nothing but an apron is pretty sexy.
It’s all about the spice! Heating things up in the kitchen.
c. Naughty Maid - Few things are better than having your bed turned down by the help, and then finding the help already there keeping things warm.  I like this one a lot.
Your feather duster will tickle more than just the dust on the shelves.
d. Doctor Love - I like doctors, nurses, and other assorted smart people.  Give them some lube and exam instruments and I'm all over it.  I don't even mind wearing the gown.
Saving lives and breaking hearts but not before you administer a head-to-toe physical examination.
e. Frisky Fireman - Fireman? - Well, OK, but he has to be gentle,
A hose so long you can put out several of the hottest fires and leave a smoldering heap as proof of a job well done.

Bonus: Tell us about your craziest or wildest role-playing adventure.
 OK, so, for the past 6 years I've been into this really freaky scene where strangers talk to me about sex and I pretend to be this fantastic lover, dashingly handsome, and able to fuck all night.  I counter this character what I call, "Boy Scout/Choir Boy" where I go to church and play the role of faithful husband.  It's kinky play-acting fun......  Oh, wait, i think it's called being a blogger.  Hmmmmmm

Art: firewoman-Ohio Players Album cover “Fire”; all other photos from the Internet.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!
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