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not a moment to a myself....

I had a wonderfully busy weekend with theater, church, eating, playing, a little bike riding, and a lot of laundry and no running (can you believe that?).  I have watched movies (Madagascar 3-again, Dark Shadows - eh, and Frankenweanie - eh x 2) and now am running out the door for a 1 day road trip to just north of the border with my boss (no, i'm not, she's not attractive to me at all, really)

My fitness update is that I'm down 1.5 pounds. (shortest update ever)
TMI Tuesday will go up on Tuesday
The FFF prompt will go up on Wednesday.

And, to all my sexy, wonderful, lustful, slutty, horny, picture-sending friends, I LOVE YOU!

Really.  I got a picture (set) during church yesterday that would have melted the podium the preacher was standing on and it made me smile all day.

You people really are amazing.


Have a fantastic Monday!!!!

I will.
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