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Flash Fiction Friday - Feb 8 -Charged

Key Word = Charged
Word Limit = 160 + 10 for every orgasm you helped with this week
Extra Credit = Tell us how you earned you extra words (in commentary)

She jumped out of her dad’s car with 2 friends and blew past him, making a beeline for the music section. He clocked-in, made sure his blue shirt was tucked into his beige pants and walked out onto the sales floor. A few minutes later they showed up, full of energy and giggles and a basket full of CDs, an iPod case, and a USB drive.

She smiled at him with wide eyes and pretty teeth and said “I’m getting a camera for my birthday.”

“What kind do you want?”

“Whatever you can sell me for $1000.” Her friends giggled, “I’m turning 18.”

The tension bubbled as he led her through the choices, with a budget like that there were many.  They found a model she liked so he tossed in a flash for free.

She leaned in close and whispered into his ear, “Can you teach me how to use it before my party?”

“Of course I can.”

The lesson is going very well until the police showed up behind an angry father and a crying mother.

“But she turns 18 tomorrow!” he cried out.

They charged him anyway.

Commentary:  I got 30 extra words.  One for helping myself and two for sharing some very interesting chat with a long-time friend who enjoyed the link and the video I sent her.  I will admit to getting a huge thrill knowing that I help my friends get off.  Even if it's not a mutual endeavor.  Maybe it was a day or more later, or that I popped in to their heads when they with their lover, or maybe they even tried something I suggested and it worked.  I guess I'm just a giver.  LOLOLOLOL

if you are new to FFF, click HERE for instructions!!!

If there is a story below this next line, you know I got some unexpected writing time, if not, well, I was probably folding laundry.

The assignment was simple; learn the workings of light, reflection, mirrors, and print.  Cameras were left on the table at the back of the room and each number, pulled from a hat, was paired with its mate.  Jonathon smiled.

Bridgette hated being here.  Her councilor said that she needed an easy class to keep her GPA above 2.5 so she could remain on the track team.  State prelims were 1 week after grades, and she had to come out of quarter grades with a 3.6 or she would be suspended and probably lose her scholarship.

“Pictures are pictures”, she complained out loud, having never taken one with anything fancier than her iPhone.  Pictures were for Instagram and Twitter and for teasing the Greek boys on fraternity row, but now, paired with young Peter Parker here, she was stuck reading books about refraction, aperture, and electrically charged photovoltaic cells.   

“Photovoltaic cells are for solar power,” he said, spanking her hard and pulling out. “Tell me the key terms again!” He raised the camera and entered.

With each right answer he bumped in deeper and she knew her “A” was within reach.
I know #2 isn't as strong, but I liked the kernel of the story and wanted to capture it, maybe for another day.  I finished it at 2:24 AM.

Happy Friday everyone!!!
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