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Okay, so you know that problem I had where I couldn't make comments on people's blogs using my phone? My dad also had the same problem, but from all devices, including laptops. Blogger just ate the comments or something and they fell into oblivion. I didn't have the issue with Typepad or anything else, just Blogger.

Well, I finally found an answer. Anyone who has a blog that I read who wants to fix this issue, here is what you do:

1) Go to Design at the top right hand corner of your blog once you're logged in
2) Go to Settings along the left side
3) Go to Posts and Comments
4) Change Comment Location to Popup Window (the internet claims the problem is with Embedded, and either Full Page or Popup will work, but I tried Full Page and it didn't fix the problem, so Popup it is)
5) Make sure to click on Save Settings at the very top of the page
6) In my case, I also made sure to scroll to the bottom of the blog on my phone and switch the view to web instead of mobile. Not sure if this made any difference, but it certainly didn't make the problem come back, so if you still have the issue on your phone after making those 1-5 changes, try adding this to the cauldron as well.

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