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A short post about a long run

I saw her on the treadmill yesterday, technically I guess it’s an elliptical, but they all do the same thing, They trick you into running in place and then you realize after an hour you still haven’t gone anywhere. I can’t stand them unless the weather is really awful outside. Even with the TV on I find them boring and I never feel like I’ve gotten a real workout. Some people love them and so, I guess, more power to them if that’s what works for them. I like to be outside.

She looked familiar, too young for me to know her professionally, too young for me to think about her legally, but I knew I had seen her someplace before. Today, as I walked through the door, she was there at the front desk, an employee, so that is where I knew her. But there was something more. She complimented me on my choice of sweatshirt and I looked down and realized I was wearing my hoodie with the high school logo on it. I asked her if that’s where she graduated from and she said that she had graduated in 2007. Doing the math quickly in my head, I asked her where she was going to school now.

“I’m a grad student at UCLA.”I handed her my ID tag and she scanned it, saw my last name, and smiled. She asked if I was my daughter’s father and I said yes. Though they missed each other in school, her younger sister and my daughter were friends through the team.

“I saw you on the treadmill yesterday, do you like it?

“It was just too cold to go outside so I stayed in.” She said obviously upset with the weather, “I much prefer to run outside when I can.”

“What time do you get off?”

“In about an hour.” She said

“I’m running to Fayetteville, do you want to join me?“

Fayetteville is an old settler town, famous for a haunted house and a double murder back in the 20s. It’s an the historic site that is rarely visited, but it is the gateway to a beautiful canyon run. I had rediscovered this trail last week and now, and she handed me back my ID tag, she gave me a beautiful smile.
“I have to go straight to school after I finish work,” she said with a grin, “but thank you for asking.”

I’m pretty sure she was just being nice but that didn’t stop me from running with the fantasy in my head. For some strange reason it was very specific, very detailed, but very specific. The run is a 7 mile round trip so I had plenty of time to think. Time to think about running behind her watching her cute little bottom swish back and forth; plenty of time to think about running beside her watching her face catch the morning sun.  Plenty of time for her to get chilled in the morning air and, at the turnaround, stop us to catch your breath.

Touch my ass


Touch my ass, she stared at me, I think she was serious.

I close the gap between us with two steps and put my arms around her waist.

I didn’t say you could kiss me, I told you to touch my ass.

Without saying a word I pulled her hips tight against mine, reached up underneath her running shirt and found the waistband of her very expensive running pants. I looked into her eyes, she did not look away.

I felt the waistband of her pants on the backs of my fingers, it snagged briefly on my wedding ring and I smiled at the accusation. Her skin was perfectly smooth, the smooth skin of a 20-year-old who has yet to see hard times. My thumbs traced the cleft as my fingertips found the bottom of the curve and I squeezed gently, pulling her open just a fraction to let her know that I knew exactly what I was doing.

Her breathing became quick, shallow, and she put her chin on my shoulder

I pulled her against me roughly, quickly, pushed my hands deeper, the hem of her pants now on my forearm as my fingertips traced the bottom of the curve in the tops of her thighs, fingertips creeping between the heat to pull her open, to pull her apart.

She gasped as the tip of my first finger traced the outline of her pucker.

Touch my ass

My hands spread her further, and my middle finger dipped between her feminine folds for heat and lubrication. She shivered at the penetration but did not pull away and, suitably coated, I placed the tip of my finger firmly in the center.

Tell me again. I hissed in her ear. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held me close, her lips chasing warm kisses along my neck and up to my ear.

Touch my ass.

My finger slid in without resistance, and she gasped and moaned and clenched.

My hands held her open in the cold morning air, hidden by trees and boulders and distance, I pressed my finger in deeper and deeper.

Her lips panted in my ear and I felt the warmth of her breath on the side of my face. She was holding me tight, bucking against my hand and breathing deeply into my skin, I felt myself harden beyond measure but this was her moment, her request. She pulled her lips away slightly so they could move

Now the front

I began to slide my finger out when she quickly said “No! Both”

I slipped my left hand around to the front, never pulling it out from within the tight confines of her pants. My hand came across a smooth shaved mound and I quickly found the heat between. I shifted her in my arms and she turned sideways, her left arm around my neck for support, her feet on tip-toes as she tried to lift and lower herself on my touch.

My hands worked in tandem and her orgasm crashed over her. Her arm tightened around my neck and I held her tight, supporting her in her moment of weakness as wave after wave pushed through her strong hips.  I could feel the strength in her thighs giving out and with the twin supports of my hands, I held her close.

She turned towards me and pressed her chest against mine as my hand slipped out and came to her waist, holding her gingerly as I gave her a moment to collect herself and decide on her next move. She cradled my face in her hands, looking up at me and kissed me deeply as we breathed into each other’s mouths for several minutes as she processed the swirl of emotions. She took my left hand by the wrist and kissed my fingertips lightly, they smelled of her wetness and her pleasure. With the right hand I cradled her curves gently and pulled her tight and just let her breathe.

Her world stoped spinning and rational thought returned. She looked up at me again, smiled, and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “Give me a two-minute head start,” she said with shaky voice, “and then come catch me.”

My mind wanders with the miles, and soon I am back at the gym and she is gone. I smile, knowing that it’s more than the run that got my heart rate up today.

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