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FFF - Jan 25 - Dark or Light

FFF for Friday
Jan 25
Word = Dark or light (but not both in the same piece)
Word Length = 300 for 1, 150 for 2, or 75 for 3
Extra Credit = Where did she go to college?

“What made you choose Cal Luthren?  She asked
“I don’t rightly know.” He cinched the knot between her ankles, “My dad arranged some interviews and said that if I didn’t accept the scholarship he’d cut off my trust fund.  Why did you?”

He admired her bare cunt in the light of the dorm room window.

"I like teaching here”, she said with a sigh, “The students are so eager to learn at a religious school.”


“I had no idea you Duke girls were in to betting on hoops.” He admired his knot.  “This should teach you a lesson about gambling.”

His fingers dipped between her lips and felt her readiness.

She moaned in the dark behind the blindfold.

The bet was simple, two swats for every point her team lost by.

She felt her body quiver, swell, and tingle inside.

He raised his hand, “What was the final score again?”

She loved his weight on her back and the light tickle of her open blouse on her bare breasts.  They hung from her chest, heavy, full, ripe, and eager.  His hands were soft and his knots were tight and she felt herself dripping, pulsing, warming, swelling.  She rested against the headboard and clenched and released, doing her Kegals as commanded. 
“You make fuck me now.” She whispered.  She had gotten to CUAjust in time.


I couldn't resist going for all three, but the 75 word limit was short.  At first I thought about writing 3 jokes about my favorite schools, but joke are tough and though "brevity is the soul of wit", 75 words was too short for a set-up, suspension, and punch line.

So instead you got the teacher, the gambler, and the catholic girl.  All favorites.  :-)  

SO, write your story, add your link, take a lunch, and get to work!!  Even if you are reading this on Friday, it's not to late!!!


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