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FFF - 1:11 - Altered States

Word Limit - 312
Key Phrase - altered
Extra Credit - Give them all names.

The sun was so bright he could barely move and his mouth tasted like three pounds of road kill and the noise noise noise noise made a jumble of his head and he started to feel last night’s dinner come around for a second shot.  It didn’t taste good going and it would be worse coming up.  Mindy told him to try the tequila tacos and Claudia told him to try the whisky shots and now he tasted feathers in his eyes as he tried to shut out the day.  Oh fuck his head hurt.

 He felt the rickety rattan dig in to the backs of his legs and slowly came to realize that  he in a chair without pants.  ‘What the…?’ He looked down to confirm the fact and as he leaned to one side a sticky butt cheek peeled itself off the cheap furniture and he felt his short  & curlys pull tight making him yelp from the pain.  He sat back down, glued to the chair by the weight of the world and the inertia of several empty bottles of hard, and very expensive liquor, on the floor. 

 The door to the pool and the outside world with the impossibly bright sun slid opened and a cacophony of kids music cars and seagulls screeched through his ears and straight out the top of his altered skull.  Mindy’s nipples poked through a tank top and Claudia wiggled her polka dots at him as they picked up pillows and began to kiss and fight.  Looking down again he saw his rapidly recovering cock and remembered what brought him to the decrepit hotel room in the first place. He stood painfully and flopped down between them as they stripped and soon had a handful of ass and a mouth full of tit.

Mindy gasped, “It’s nice to have you back Mr. Big.”
Bringing the "flash" back in to flash fiction.  I had planned to write this all day but got home to a houseful of women and girls watching "Glee time" or "Choirgirls" or what ever it was called about some accappella love fest with the hot chick from Twilight.  I got the wife to sleep about 11:55 and now I'm 15 minutes late in posting...  Now it's bed time for me too.
I don't do a lot of commentary, but I will say I've always wanted to fuck a girl named "Mindy."  I bet she'd be good in bed.
Have a wonderful devient Friday, and, if you haven't already started, write something and leave a link you lazy bunch of pirates!

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