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Tease me

She sat on her couch drinking fresh honey tea.......

"Tease me," I said, "and tell me you are in your pajamas, that your bra has been left behind, and, as you sit on the couch, you can feel the heel of your foot pressing into the soft cleft between your thighs."

Time went by.....I wondered if her BF had taken her to bed.....

"How can I tease you when you already said it yourself?"  she was taking an out.

"Tell me how it feels in 20 words"  I pulled her back in.

"Pressure, warm, pulsing, trapped, hard heel, soft clit, warmer, cloth between, teasingly good, horny, hornier, relaxed, easy, sleepy, wanting cock."

And she disappeared in to the night, leaving me breathless and unable to explain my smile.

Tease me.....

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