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Patrick basically gave me a giant rock of crack for Christmas

No, lovelies, not actual crack, but close to it! This beloved man of mine gave me a Kindle Fire. Which is awesome all on its own.


Three words for you: Seattle Public Library.

Oh my goodness gracious. Books. Unlimited books. Well, mostly. I do have to place holds on some of them. But holy crap this is the gift that keeps on giving!! You can have up to 25 books out at a time and keep them for up to 3 weeks, not that I'd ever need that much time.

It is a buffet for your brain!

I'm on my first one already. And you don't even have to go to the library in person. You just look online, check them out, and they're downloaded to your Kindle. It's like MAGIC. When the time is up, or if you click Return Book when you're done, they magically delete themselves from your device.

AND IT IS FREE! Free free freeeeeee!

Like I told you: giant rock of crack.
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