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FFF-12-28 - Chained

Warning:  This contains involuntary sexual activity, though it's not very graphic, it may be disturbing to some.


“Get back here you Bastard!”  She felt her vocal chords tear and her voice cracked and went silent.  It hurt like hell to swallow back the tears.  “Get back here!” she whispered, barely able to croak out the words through the painful sobs.

She looked around frantically.  The high stone walls cast deep shadows even though it was mid-day.  Her screams had echoed off the walls and she knew the sounds died long before reaching the top and the tourists who enjoyed the view from the city walls.  The guide said that the space between the inner and outer walls was once a prison.  The guilty were lowered by rope with knife and a cup for water.  After that they fought the others for scraps of food thrown down by laughing guards, thirsty for the fights.

Now it was her turn to survive.  She stared at him in the archway.  He did not flinch at her struggle.  There was no remorse in his stance.

She pulled at the chain that bound her ankle.  It cut in to her pampered skin.  She stroked it, easing the pain, and thought about the past 48 hours. 

Introduced at the New Year’s Eve party, by “mutual friends”, she watched as powerful men and beautiful women waited on him, hand and foot, though it was the Old Royals who were hosting the party.  They wore the trappings of ancient kingdoms with fur and finery, but he wore the accoutrements of modern power, a $3,000 suit, a cell phone that worked in every corner of the globe, and an iPad full of Swiss bank accounts and politicians who owed him everything.  His accent was rich with dark European danger and it excited her to be by his side.

His English was broken, but his strength was an aphrodisiac beyond control.  She touched her skin, it was that delicate ankle that rested against her shoulder as he entered her just hours after their meeting.  Vaig a comprar, vender y negociar la seva bellesa com la carn per venjar al meu germà.  Strange words, but pleasure after pleasure fogged her head.

She didn’t understand the words she heard, but she understood very well the looks and gestures directed at her, to him, that told her she was the queen of the kingdom as long as she was by his side. 

But she wasn’t there anymore.  As the others who lived between the walls gathered close, her fear bubbled up to the surface.  They saw him, they saw the chain, and knew she was theirs.  Piece by piece they stripped her bare and took unseemly liberties with her flesh.  Four men held her open as another violated her with forceful strokes.  He watched from the archway.

More hands came upon her and she cried out and cursed his name, repeating the phrase in a foreign tongue that seduced her and sealed her doom.  The woman laughed knowingly, and took their turns with her like so much meat to market.

Phrase:  I will buy, sell, and trade your beauty like meat to avenge my brother.

500 words, enough to hang myself out as a bad writer, too short to redeem myself.  So here you have it.  If Flash Fiction Friday is supposed to be written in a flash, this is it.  Revenge comes in many forms, sometimes we wish for the downfall of empires, the destruction of careers, but sometimes revenge is personal, deeply, deeply personal and we attack the enemy's most prized possession, beautify, dignity, honor.....  

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