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Monday Fitness Update

My fitness update is going to be brief today, I need to get it out because my friend said she had a good report I want to give her someplace to put it. My only good report is that I went down 1 pound.  Well, depending on when I weighed in, I might be down 3 pounds, but I hate to admit how high the number got just to brag about how it dropped. Does that make any sense? I got back down to 206.2 pounds. I use the term, “got back down,” because over the last month I have crept up far too much.

But enough about that. Lets talk about a few good things.

Last Monday I went to a “boot camp class that left me sore for a couple of days. That was good.

On Wednesday I ran 6 miles, so that was good.

On Friday I was in the pool for almost 45 minutes, though I don’t do laps the whole time. Many times when I am in the pool it is a combination of traditional lap swimming, kick board with swim fins, sprint laps with hand paddles, and sometimes when I want to feel fast, I will put on the swim fins and the hand paddles at the same time. It’s like going downhill on a bicycle, it’s not realistic, but it sure is fun.

My weekend eating did limited damage even though I did not get a chance to run on Saturday. The food was light and my kids finished all the M&M candies before I could get my hands on them.  We will ignore the fact that there is an empty bag at my left that was full of Trader Joe’s not-so-salty almonds just a few days ago.
Sunday was too busy to eat so I ended up with a granola bar, and Apple, and some pot roast and potatoes at 9 PM.

Today, Monday, I went to my first indoor cycling class since I stopped teaching in March. I ran into the cute schoolteacher and her angry friend (not angry at me, just angry in general, and not to be confused with angry girl who is really hot but never smiles.  I saw her in the pool three days this week and not glimmer of a smile.  If I looked as good as her I’d masturbate while fantasizing about watching myself masturbate, while I filmed myself masturbating.  Seriously, I’d never leave the house.  WAIT!!  Maybe that is why she never smiles, it’s because when I see her she’s out of the house and NOT masturbating while fantasizing about watching herself masturbate, while filming herself masturbating.  Boy, I’m glad that mystery has been solved.)

I also saw a couple of people on the back row that always sit on the back row.  In a horrible way, the highlight or my return was seeing that this new teacher got fewer people than I did to show up. I always thought of myself as a good teacher: I chose eclectic but fun music, I was enthusiastic, I made friends with my students, and I think everybody had a good time. The only things I lacked were things that I am not willing to pay for, big tits, a tight ass, and a vagina. Those really seem to attract a certain clientele to the class. My son and I were wrestling the other day and he said that I had man boobs, but I don’t think those count at the gym.

Back on topic!

My weight chart has not been posted on my bathroom wall as it should be and I think that makes it easier not to think about my progress or lack thereof. I am going to put it back up and track my eating and workouts again to see if I can get back on a downward slope.

I hope that you are all finding time to be healthier in your personal lives. For some that might mean cutting out the alcohol, or adding vegetables, or avoiding pizza, or just drinking more water instead of soda at your desk. But I hope you are doing something. Choose one thing this week, choose one good thing to do that you did not do last week. If you feel ambitious, choose one bad thing to stop. Don’t make it smoking, or drinking, I’m not talking about big project items, I’m thinking about simple small measurable steps. Some ideas:

Do not eat chocolate at your desk.
Do not buy anything from the vending machines at work.
Only eat food that you brought from home.
Limit your restaurant dining to twice a week (this will save you money and calories)
Drink more water. A lot of people use the 64 ounces a day guideline, which is not bad, but the best thing you can do is increase from where you are at.
Drink a lot, Pee a lot, it’s really the key to good health.

Let us all know how you have been doing, share your success and your failures, lay it on the line and you will do it better next week.

Who is willing to share?

And, as a side not, somewhere along the way I passed 100,000 views and this is, I think, depending on how you count draft posts, my 1400thpost.

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