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FFF Challenge - Dec 7th Prompt

I will try not to start every post with, "I only have a few minutes" but that is just what I have right now.  It's early Sunday morning and the house is quiet, but that won't last long.  My little one wakes up at 6:00 +/- and, well, we aren't a family that sleeps in.

Also, without a lot of time you won't get my philosophical treatise on Flash  Fiction Friday, that challenges of picking a prompt word that isn't too self-serving (because yes, I will always select pictures that I like), or hear a discussion about if it's unfair that I get to think about the pictures for longer than anyone else, well, cause I'm the host.  It probably is.

FFF has been a part of my blog for over 2 1/2 years.  My first FFF is here, "Driven, Beaten, Hammered" and OMGOSH it was fun to see the list of names in the comments.  Sadly, many of those bloggers are no longer with us, but they were, and are, still important to me. But! enough of sentimentality.  You are all here for a naughty picture to write about and not for my musings about days long past.

This first picture was shared with me by David Sharp from  A view from the top and I am grateful for his contribution.

Here is this week's picture.  
The challenge phrase (and this is the hard part):  Decision.  
The word limit is 150 or 300 if you do the extra credit

Extra credit is given for writing from both perspectives
And the Extra Extra credit is to not use the word "fuck"

But, if you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that the main thing I do is break the rules, so I may not stick to them myself. That's the FUN of FFF.

And writing these should be fun.
It's not a competition
It's not a contest.
I give out no prizes.
My only reward is a laugh, a smile, a hard cock, and, on occasion, I'll admit, a messy desk.

This should be fun for everyone.  So help me in expanding the world of FFF.  Send this post to anyone you think would enjoy it.  Ask your friends to play along.  Have them follow my blog or just forward them the link.  I want to hear what you wonderful people have to say.

This is going to be good!

More housekeeping.  I'm going to put up my post on Friday morning at 3:00 AM Seattle, USA time.  But I'm trying to figure out a way that's easier to collect links from participants so you don't have to wait until Friday morning to add your link.  You'll hear more on that later, but now, my house is stirring and I must go.  And, as always, if you have picture ideas, please e-mail them to me or submit them through my other tumblr, "More Bad Advice"

Happy Sunday and let's start writing!!!!
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