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Weekend Update

Weekend updates are rarely of any value from a blogging point of view, weekends come and weekends go, sex is either had or not had (not), meals are made, turkey leftovers are converted to casseroles, a single sad strand of Christmas lights are put up to appease the neighbors and my oldest who started playing Christmas music on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner.

It was 75 degrees today, hardly the mood-setting weather for Christmas.  I've updated my iPod Christmas playlist but I haven't jumped in yet.  I listened to my favorites from KEXP's "Free Song of the Day" playlist via iTunes, still one of my favorites. 

We saw "Wreck-it Ralph" as a family on Friday.  It was cute, funny, interesting in it's nostalgia and curious at the reliance on references to video games long forgotten by parents and never known to the target audience of the movie.  It has a surprisingly brutal moment between the villain and the hero and the final battle scene gave D2 nightmares.  Sarah Silverman has the perfect voice for her role and it was worth the $.

I have been struggling to write more, even though I tell myself that it is good for me.

I will endeavor to do better this week.  I like to write.

I just need to find the energy and the interest.
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