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Run, Run, Run....

6:00 am on the corner
My house or yours?
Your house this time.  Door or street?
Husbands back from MN
It's cold out and she's bundled up in thin, tight leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, at least one t-shirt, probably a sports bra, hat, and gloves.  That's OK, I've gotten through more layers than a Tiramasu. 

She lives at the top of the hill so the first mile is as easy as the last mile is hard. We take an easy pace, her pace, I'm not in it for the stress, I tell her, I'm running for fun and conversation and friendly chat.  We pick up the pace on the down hill and her sparkling green eyes focus on the uneven sidewalk beneath our feet.  Her shoes are old, with frayed laces, streaks of mud from her last Warrior Dash with her daughter who's just as hot as her mom.  As she looks up from the pavement the sun glints off her nose ring and for a brief moment the hideous jewelry looks pretty.

I meant to spin a longer fantasy about my new running friend, but it was cold this morning and we stayed bundled up, and, though she looked fantastic as she stretched, bending at the waist to touch her toes, I couldn't bring myself to do, think, or say anything sex.  It was just too cold.

  I hope you all have had a wonderful day.


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