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FFF - Semblance 231

He woke up in the harness.


The silk ankle cuffs were soft, but the IV burned with the monotony of pain that never leaves.  He clenched his fist, tightening the muscles around the needle and the pain subsided but his arm fatigued and the sizzling ache returned.  Collapsing back, he felt the cold fluid of the IV bag against his left shoulder blade, just above the strap that held him tight to the metal frame.

They and the panic he fought so hard to control ran like a cyclonic storm through every synapse.

“NO NO NO” he heard his voice screaming as if he was listening to someone in a far off room and he felt scared for the poor fellow.

“No no no,” tears choked his pleas, “stop” only sobs now, no semblance of pride, “Please no, by whatever unholy god you pray too, no.”

His cries were pointless, they didn't listen, they never listened, they just lubed him up and inserted the electrode and opened the clamp on the IV tube.

“Remember,” they laughed in heavily digitized English, “if this lasts more than four hours, call your doctor.”

They wheeled him behind the woman who bent over, pressed him forward in the harness inserting him, and hit the button.  The electric shock triggered his prostate and he screamed.

Silently the women moved one step to the left.


I almost called this, "Be careful what you wish for" but thought that it would give too much away, but, by the time I was done, i realized that I assumed my readers know a little bit about animal husbandry and artificial insemination.  It's not a pretty business, no matter how beautiful the recipient.

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