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Dudes, I am so fat.

Or at least I feel like it. ALL THIS EATING. Holy crap. Patrick and I are going back to the gym starting today. I feel like an asshole for saying it, but I really hope there are a whole bunch of super fat people there so I feel better about myself. Who do I think I'm kidding, though? It'll probably be all lycra-clad 100-lb 20-yr-olds. Sigh. I'll just ignore them and waddle through my exercise. Damn you, stuffing!

...and eggnog. Mmm, eggnog. NO! No eggnog. Too fat.

I feel like I'm about to start a slap fight with myself.

Also, word to the wise: do not drink alcohol when you're taking Lexapro or you will be sorry. I only had like 2 glasses of wine and I was smashed, then horribly sick. Apparently it does something to your ability to metabolize alcohol, and you can very easily give yourself alcohol poisoning. Normally two glasses of wine will just make me a little happy and tipsy, but this threw me under the table (figurative table, not literal). The next day I nearly blacked out in the bathroom and couldn't even sit up in the kitchen to drink juice. I had to lie on the floor and rest, then sit up and gulp some juice, then lie back down.

So, yeah. Don't drink alcohol AT ALL when you're on this drug. Bad news, and the hangover from hell. Thank god I was on vacation and didn't have to go to work. I didn't actually know about the alcohol thing at first because I was taking samples that my doctor had given me, and they didn't come with any drug warnings. I learned about this only afterward when I filled an actual prescription and right on the bottle was a lovely yellow label saying DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE ON THIS MEDICATION. No shit. They are not kidding. Ghastly experience.

Anyway, I'm all better now, and I've obviously sworn off any more alcohol while I'm taking this. I'm not sure if it's helping or not. I'm on 10mg now, which is the low end of the usual dosage for anxiety (10-40mg), and I might be having fewer tension headaches, but it's kind of hard to tell. The Klonopin seems to head off the anxiety attacks, which is great. I have another appointment in a few weeks, so we'll see if anything has happened by then.

How was Thanksgiving for y'all? I hope everyone ate just as much as I did! hah
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