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You, not Tumblr

I woke up this morning extremely hard and feverish.  I reached down and pulled my pajama bottoms off and began stroking long and slow.  My bulbous head was tight, ripe, ready, like the tip of a musketeer's ram-rod, prepared to tamp the powder down, preparing it for ignition.  My hand wrapped around and felt the blood coursing through the veins, and I knew I would take my release.
I rolled over, looked at the clock and realized it was only 5:06, far too early to wake up the wife for a quickie, though taking her doggy style had been on my mind for days.
I silently rolled over, grabbed my phone and walked down the hall.  I stepped inside the bathroom and closed the door, locking it behind, the loud click threatening my solitude.
I turned on my phone as i slipped out out of my pajama pants and stood naked in front of the large mirror, cock in hand, launching Tumblr for some company.
They are all beautiful, naked, fresh, shaved, was, bare, big, little, lithe, curvy, straight or lesbian.  But it wasn't working.
He took them, sent them to you, and you forwarded them on to me and many others.  you were resplendant, curved belly, expectant eyes, growing breasts, and a simple pink t-shirt over jeans and bare feet.  Now that I had true beauty on my little phone screen I could feel real passion.  Looking at you smiling in your living room made me come alive again, for you now, I could touch, feel, enjoy, and explode.  I don't need Tumblr, I need you.   But I've known that all along

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