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90 Seconds

I have a friend who likes voicemail. Our schedules rarely allow for live conversation, but when the mood is right and I am alone, I have 90 seconds to turn her on. I have 90 seconds of silence to fill with thoughts, words, images, that might, I hope, aroused her to thoughts of sex, climax and cum.

90 seconds, that's all I have.  Most days, that's all I need.

So, what would you say?  What images would you invoke if you only had 90 seconds to turn your lover on?

Sometimes I plan my messages for a long time. Thought enter my head in the morning and I mull over it during the day, a scenario, a thought.  It works best when it is something specific about her day. Sometimes it's just a vague notion of something I want to do to her, or what I want her to do to me. But I think, like all good love letters, they are best written in a specific mood for a specific person at a specific time.

She is beautiful. Inspiration is never in short supply, but how you make it interesting time after time. How you make your heart skip when she sees the message waiting light? How you make her knees weak when she sees your name on caller ID? I know it's not my real name she sees, it’s not even my fake name that pops up.  I think she is labeled me as some sort vendor so if it rings at an inopportune time she has plausible deniability and a reason no to answer.

"Oh, that's just a guy trying to sell me network cables." She can say to her friend as she feels her panties dampen.

"No honey," she says over dinner as her nipples harden, that's the local YMCA trying to raise money again. “You don't have to pick it up."

She is in my phone under similar subterfuge. When it rings, and it rarely does without warning, an innocuous name pops up, easy to ignore, easy to deny, and unremarkable in every way. However, when I see that name come up on my screen the air in the room evacuates, my heart tightens, and I begin to grow in anticipation of her voice.

I left a message for her the other day.  It was very effective. Being away from her lover, she had little release so I knew she would be ready for a voice message.

Being that she is time zone inconvenient, our lunch hours never align and I know that in the afternoon she handles conference calls and client meetings. That is when I have free reign to leave messages.

It goes something like this

I am already in your office you come in to start the conference call. Your secretary let me after a small bribe of a box of chocolates.  Knowing that it was her birthday, she smiled, giggled and let me in. You came in, saw me, smiled and sat down quickly.  The conference call was about to begin and you are the conductor. After the call starts you sit back in your chair and rest your head against the headrest just as planned.  I pull five small strips of silk from my pocket. One goes around your throat gently binding you to the chair.  Another on each wrist and lastly one on each ankle.  You are free to speak but not to move. Your voice belongs the company, your body is mine.  I stand in front of you, quickly undress and kneel.  Your skirt spirit comes up over your knees quickly as you lift your hips enough to grant me full access.  My hands unbutton your beautiful blouse. One-by-one they come undone and the front latch bra follows suit.  Your body is there for the taking.  Your practiced voice doesn't change as I take in a nipple and bite down hard….

There you have it.  90 seconds.  A little image, nothing more.

What would you say? How would you spend your 90 seconds?
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