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the problem (with update)

This is not self pity, this is an observation....

Wife and I took B1 to school, dropped him off, went to to the park, jogged for 20 min, and came home.

Her - I'm going to mop the floor, then I'll take my shower and we'll finish what we wanted last night. (We were about to have Sex when D1 woke up not feeling well and, well, that was that.)

Me - Great!  Can I help move things along?

Her - No - get some e-mails done and then...  wink wink...

That was three hours ago and soon she'll have to rush through a shower to make it to her PTA meeting.  She's mopped the kitchen floor, the bathroom floors, done the mirrors, edited my resume, my LinkedIn profile, written three PTA e-mails (at least), and has gone back to my LinkedIn profile.

It's about interest, and enthusiasm, and need.  She thinks dirty floors and resume punctuation are more important than sex, and always usually will.


OK, to be fair, and because I'm now in a good mood, it's an hour after I posted this and we just got done (well a few minutes ago) having sex, in the back yard, under the shade of our pepper tree, on a sleeping back and blankets, and it was good.  Making out, touching, toys, kissing, oral, and the big finish, it was all very nice.  I'm still in shock that it happened at all.
Hope burns eternal...

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