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FFF - Open Competition

248 - Forever

“Yes, yes, yes, oh fuck…..”

It felt better than she imagined.

He was bigger than she hoped and rougher than he needed to be, but it was just right. She loved his hand in her hair, controlling her, inflicting the first bits of pain that she hoped foretold the future.

“Yes.” She felt his hand on her lower back, he pushed down and she greedily took his instruction and buried her face in the pillows.

She had never been so wet, so ready. She laid the groundwork for this day months ago, after the wedding, and now she knew she had won.

“More! Don't you dare fucking stop!”

“I won’t baby, I've wanted you forever. “

She laughed between grunts, flashing back to the party held in the abandoned ice rink. He was with another woman that night, but that didn't stop her from introducing herself, she couldn't afford to be coy. It was open competition.

As she came again, and felt his orgasm build, she knew she had lost that battle, but had won the war, until...

She looked and saw her standing in the doorway, watching calmly brining herself to orgasm in time with him.

“Fuck!” she yelled in to the pillow. “What the hell is she doing here?”

Her sister calmly licked cum from her fingers and walked over and kissed her husband as his cock pulled itself out.

“Oh dear sister, my husband always lets me watch.” 

Hanging her head, she had lost again. (248)
Great gif, great fun.

But what is going on between the legs of the girl in the door?

Thanks again to SunLover for hosting this weeks' challenge!
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