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Interview Questions - Call for feedback

A dear friend of mine had her first FMF threesome and has agreed to be interviewed via e-mail about her experience.  I've drafted the following questions but would love to get my reader's input as well. 

What questions do you have?

Mine are all from a guys point of view and may be a bit slanted towards the pruient, but so's my blog, so that's nothing new.

Please read through the list and add any questions you have in the comments.  If you think a particular question is particularly stupid, tell me that as well.  They are all numbered, so you can say #1, #6, and #17-48 are better suited for a 14-year old boy's journal.  I may not act on your feedback, but I''m certainly going to read it. 

So, let me know what you want to know.

And no, she won't be required to answer every question unless she wants to, I'm just throwing out ideas as they come to me.


Questions for a Threeway.
2.       When were you first interested in being with a woman sexually?  College? High School? Earlier?
3.       When did this desire go from an idea to an action plan?
4.       Before this “first”, had you had any sexual interaction with another woman?
5.       When did you realize this was more than just idle fantasy?
6.       Do you enjoy lesbian/three-way porn as part of your on-line life?
Is it a focus of your fantasy life or just a part?
7.       Who proposed the event?  You? Him? Her?
8.       Who made the arrangements?
9.       How did you meet the other woman?  Who approached her about the evening?
10.   Did you talk to her before meeting her via e-mail/chat, or by phone?
11.   Did you meet her before the event in a non-sexual setting?
12.   How did that 1st meeting go?  Did you feel a social connection, did you like her?  Were you physically attracted to her?
13.   Did he select her based upon physical or personality traits?
14.   Were you in the mood to have a blond, a red-head, a brunette, did you have any ethnic preferences?
15.   If he picked her, Did she match you physically or was she “different” to give him a wider variety of experience? (large v. small breasts, skinny v. full figured, coloring, ethnicity, age, etc)
16.   How much say did you have in the selection process?
17.   How many other women did you meet/consider before selecting her?

18.   Once you had made arrangements to meet, how did your thinking change during the shift from hypothetical to actual?
19.   What did you think about the week / day before the meeting?  Did you consider backing out?
20.   What did you do to get ready for the special day?
21.   How were you feeling the last hour before meeting?
22.   What was the schedule for the evening?  Dinner? Bowling? Miniature golf?
23.   Did you feel the same level of attraction/connection to her in person?
24.   How was he acting during the evening?  Kid in a candy store giggles or trying to play it cool?
25.   After all the preliminaries were done, dinner was eaten, the bill paid, how did the evening continue?
26.   Who kissed who first?  You and him? You and her? Her and him? (forgive the pronoun confusion, is there a plural of “her” and “she”?)
27.   Did you have a plan in place before the hotel door closed or did you just wing it?
28.   Where there discussions about leaving people out, including everyone, 1-on-1 time with the different combinations?
29.   Did you set any conditions before going in? (condom use, penetration limits, exclusivity?)
30.   Did you have any fantasy moments you wanted to recreate before the evening was done?
31.   What was your biggest fear for the evening?
32.   What was your biggest hope?
33.   How did it start once it was time to start? 
34.   Who undressed whom? 
35.   What did you wear?  What did she wear?
36.   Tell me about the first touch with her.  I’m fascinated by the moment when fantasy becomes reality. 
37.   How did you process those first few moments?  Was it exciting, nerve-wracking, overwhelming?
38.   Tell us about the following firsts:
first kiss
first nipple play
first breast kiss
first intimate touch (you touching her, she touching you)
first oral (you on her, she on you)
39.   What was the three-way interaction like?  What it “too much going on” or was the combination greater than the sum of its parts.
40.   Was there any jealousy before or during the encounter?
41.   What were your conversations like with him as this was getting planned?
42.   Did you ever have that moment, when it was, “OMG, I’m sucking on her clit!”  what kind of inner dialogue was going on while you were with her?
43.   When it was just you and her, was it more passionate, tender, intimate, how was it different emotionally than being with him?
44.   What did it feel like emotionally, sexually, physically the first time you made her cum?
45.   Were you checking off your own personal list of “firsts” as the night wore on?
46.   In the middle of the action, did you ever stop and say, “Hey, I’ve always wanted to try ____, someone get a banana!”  or some equivalent?
47.   How many orgasms did you have?  How many for her?  How many for him?
48.   What was his role in the evening? 
49.   Did you give him alone time with her?  What was your emotional state during those moments?
50.   What did she do while he was 1-on-1 with you?
51.   What did he do when he wasn’t involved (Please tell me he didn’t turn on SportsCenter)
52.   As the evening wore on, how did the mood, pace, energy level change?  Did it shift from intense wide-eyed wonder to more intimacy, or was it pure passion and desire for most of the time?
53.   How long did you spend together?
54.   Did you ever sleep together?  Wake up together?
55.   Did all three of you spend the night or did he, she, you leave?
56.   What has it been like since your first evening together?
57.   Has it changed your relationship with him?
58.   Have you contacted her directly since then?
59.   Have you two been sexual (flirting, e-mail, phone, in-person) since that evening?
60.   Have you kept in touch on a friendlier level?
61.   How has he discussed the evening in the days since it happened?  Has he gone over it again and again? Was this his first threesome or was this old-hat for him?
62.   Do you feel closer or more distant as a couple since that evening?
63.   Has this revealed any trouble spots in your relationship?
64.   If you had to give a short bit of advice to someone contemplating their first threesome (FMF), what would you say?

What have I left out?
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