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Hey guys. Thank you all for the kind get-well wishes! They are so very appreciated. Sorry I haven't been making my usual blog rounds. It's hard for me to use a computer without pain, so I'm severely limiting my time. I was X-rayed a bunch today and I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday after work. Hopefully we will figure out what this problem is so we can fix it.

Not much has changed with the pain situation. Neither the Vicodin nor the muscle relaxers appeared to faze it in the slightest, so I stopped taking those. My back felt numb to the touch after a shower yesterday, which was new and sort of alarming. I could still feel the pain inside my back, but I couldn't feel my fingertips on my skin.

I'm feeling faint more often now (once yesterday during my shower, three times today in the morning), although that could have to do with the ongoing lack of hunger and thirst. I've tried to eat a bit here and there because I know I ought to, but it's still below what I normally eat. Anyway, hopefully that will also go away when this problem is fixed.

I had a chest X-ray done as well as the stuff for my back and arm because I told the doctor about the ongoing problems I've had with my lungs (wheezing that doesn't respond to Albuterol, occasional bloody phlegm coughed up and gurgling feelings in lungs, sounds like birds twittering when my lungs are compressed, etc.) Who knows? Maybe the scans will show something fixable in there, too.

I suspect a lot of it is just scar tissue making itself a nuisance following all those episodes of pneumonia. I don't know what can be done about that. Probably nothing, but the doctor decided to have a look anyway after I told him about those issues.

I'll keep y'all updated.
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