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Melancholia in the sunshine (fixed by Gaga)

I'm feeling pretty down and tired today. I'm sad about old things, from years ago. And it's irritatingly bright outside. This is the month and a half or so out of the year that we have blazing sunshine inflicted on us. It usually has the opposite effect on me as with most people. I always feel exposed and vaguely frightened with that cloudless blue up above, and the sun glaring down. No clouds to protect us or cover up the vast expanse of sky. It's better at night, when you see all the stars in the sky and the sun isn't hurting your eyes any longer.

I think after work I'll open up the house to get some air and then go hide in my darkened bedroom again like I did last night. Much more comforting than being out under the pounding sun. It's supposed to get up into the 80s this weekend here, and while that isn't very hot for those of you poor souls living in places with temperatures like 114F, it is very hot for us here. People here start dying when we get into the 90s. The vast majority of us don't have air conditioning and aren't acclimated to heat, so old people and babies succumb when it gets too hot. Much like Europe, if I remember correctly.

I can't wait for fall.

Update: Gaga made me feel better. It's hard to feel down when you have this to laugh at:

Gaga: The Anti-Depression Med
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