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A recap for the weak.

So, no one told me what to write this Friday morning so FFF came and went without a peep.

So, let's think about the week.
Monday:     e-mail, on-line applications, follow-up, and no sex
Tuesday      business plan draft, some wandering, a friend got ill, plans were cancelled (no sex)
Wednesday Interview with consulting firm, meeting with another recruiter, lots of e-mail 
                   (no real sex, but a really nice shower)
Thursday     Got turned down by consulting firm, name submitted to one company, then went to the
                    beach with family and friends, oogled a lot of beautiful women, missed a wave, crashed
                    on my head (still nursing a sore noggin)
Friday         Consulting appt to discuss business plans.  Phone interview that started bed, got worse,
                    then got better, then I went for sushi with the kids.

Status at the end of the week.  
Unemployed, horny, tired, a sore head, lot's of friends who checked on me.  
So a pretty good week.
Oh, and I think we found some office space to work on my software project.
That's cool.
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