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195-199 Bold
“Oh shit.”  I tapped my new co-worker on the arm.

“Let me sleep.”

“Heather,” I shook her, “I think someone’s…you know, doing it in their seat.”

She lifted the sleeping mask from her brilliant blue eyes.  She smiled but tried to be quiet.  A giggle escaped her ruby lips, “I think you are right.”

“What are they doing?”  I hid behind my magazine but she openly stared.

“Her dress is open, he’s touching her breast, it’s beautiful.”

Heather’s lips tickled my ear, “I bet they’re not married.”

“They’re not!”  I was giddy with insider knowledge, “I followed them through security. They introduced themselves, she’s got two kids and he got married just last summer.”

She raised the armrest to get closer and improve her view.  Her chin rested on my shoulder and she was warm and smelled like cinnamon, her breast pressed against my arm.

“Watch, He’s going to make her cum.” Heather’s voice was changing, she moved closer.


“Look at her, she’s beautiful, so close. She so very close.”

She slid her hand over my hip and grabbed my cock.  I gasped, thought, then unzipped.

“Good boy” she said taking her grip, “it pays to be bold.”

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