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End of the day....

Some days aren't worth writing about, but we do so anyway.

Up early to go running.  Took it easy and ran with one of the other dads.

Laundry, Dishes, breakfast (have you ever cooked sweet rolls in a George Foreman Grill? 2:30 and they are done.)

A couple hours working on the job hunt.

A quick run to the store for tortillas, and then the check engine light went on.  That changed the rest of the day.  A couple of hours later I'm looking at $750 in repairs which is about 25% of the Kelley Blue Book value.  That's the joy of owning a 1996 with 165,000 miles.

Then it was off to the park for a "Back to School" picnic with a super hot new mom that I'll never talk to.  Oh, and a good hot dog.

After the picnic it was the drug store, the market and now it's back home, clean the kitchen, watch the first 30 minutes of "Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol"

Another thrilling day, right?

And, to my friend who had a wonderful new experience last night.  I'm very very happy for you.
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