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The pain from muscle knots has finally gotten to the point where I need to do something about it again. I'd been having a weird pain in my side for a couple days, and it finally dawned on me that it was the same pain I'd had a year or two ago. I hadn't known at the time what it was, so I saw a couple doctors and they couldn't figure it out either. It got bad enough by turns that I had a hard time standing upright, and eventually I learned that it was horrible muscle knots. Evidently if my back gets completely full of knots so there isn't room for more, my side muscles will start knotting up.

Anxiety is a killer, y'all.

So anyway, that combined with the nerve shocks up from my wrists (too much repetitive motion stuff) finally spurred me to look into getting regular massages again. The last time I had that awful side pain, it took two massages to fully get rid of it, but then it was like magic! It didn't return for ages, and probably now just because I've been slack on having the knots kneaded out regularly. I say "massage", but it's really some sort of physical therapy or something. It isn't even mostly pleasurable like you think of a massage being. Sometimes it's fairly excruciating. But it does help.

I'd tried calling Spa Noir to book time with my usual girl Deja, but as it turns out she has completely moved her practice to Vashon Island. After contacting her, it came out that our schedules would not mesh well, and it would be a pain for us to try and work it out. I was actually so upset after finding this out, y'all. I may have cried a bit. I don't handle change well, and I was feeling so depressed about the pain. Narcotics interestingly don't touch this particular type of muscle pain, and Ibuprofen can only do so much. Hearing that I couldn't see her made me just kind of wallow around in this pit of "I'm never going to be able to get rid of this pain, and my body doesn't work right, etc." Sigh.

But I got over my self pity and decided to give this new person she recommended a try. I guess she and the new lady went to massage school together and have very similar practice styles, so hopefully this will work out. I emailed her, and she seems really nice. I REALLY hope this works out. I'm so tired of having my body hurt for stupid reasons (i.e. I can't control my stress very well).

In other news, we were at Sam's Club yesterday to get the crab for Patrick's birthday dinner, and I happened to run across a book containing the US Army's survival manual. Fascinating. I had to have it. It tells you what sorts of plants are good to eat and for other uses, how to build shelters, how to set up decoys and camouflage, counter-insurgency tactics... basically everything I ever wanted to know! haha It was like reading a manual for how to survive my dreams. I kept telling Patrick, "I can't believe there is actually a book about this stuff! I thought you just had to figure it all out yourself for some reason."

I am totally reading it cover to cover. Sixteen or so times. I may have too many physical and mental issues to ever be a soldier myself, but it's totally in my blood. Our family has a pretty solid military history, and I definitely got the combative gene, if not the ones that would enable me to actually do it. Oh well, at least I can learn about this stuff. You never know when you might need it. Say you go camping and get lost somehow. Useful! I wouldn't want to get murdered by a goat or something. I am sure this will teach me how to survive homicidal farm animals.
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