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Am I being too harsh?

She calls me Master, and along with that privilege there are rules.
Rules she chose to ignore.
So what am I to do?

She woke up late, it was raining outside, and she neglected her morning responsibilities.
In response to her "apology" I sent the following response on Wednesday evening.

1 - I don't want you crashing in the rain.  You would be very hard to replace.
2 - There is a wonderful invention called an alarm clock.  If you are unfamiliar with this device.  I can train you on their use.
3 - As Master I have the duty to train you well.  Training is a combination of reward and punishment when obedience is missing.

Due to the nature of our relationship, I am not there in person to inflict discipline.  Therefore, for not completing your assigned tasks, the following conditions apply:

1 - No sensual touching of any kind until 10:00 AM Friday morning, this includes all touching during bathing.  Wash quickly and get out.
2 - You are to wear your oldest, "grannie panties" to work on Thursday.
3 - You may write to me, but I will not respond until 10:00 on Friday morning.

Being my slut is a privilege that must be earned through dedication and obedience.  It would be a shame to lose you over something so small as oversleeping on a rainy day.

Acknowledge your Master's conditions.
If our mutual friend chooses to impose additional restrictions, as my 2nd, she has that right.


She plead for mercy and for permission, but I'm sticking to my resolve. 
It is for her own good.  
It is because I care for her.
She needs to learn.

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