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FFF - Decrepit - 117x3

He rattled the bars of the decrepit elevator cage and yelled for him to stop, tear-stained words spilled out as he begged the younger man to leave his wife alone. 
Please…. was all he could eke out as the assault continued, Please….
The silence of the abandoned building was accentuated by the powerful thump thump thump of the Rave they left in search of a working bathroom.   He led them both with the promise of relief, but now true intensions played out. 
In the dark he realized that his wife’s cries had changed to match the rhythm of her attacker and she no longer protested, and his shame was complete as he hardened in the dark, watching.
STOP!  He cried out, but now he was talking to himself, his own body betrayed him as he watched his bride’s eyes glaze over as her feet shifted outward and her hands sought purchase on the dusty walls.  Her face looked alien to him, he had never seen this look, the gaping mouth, the feverish eyes, the jutting hips.  He had never seen her so utterly vacant.  Even in the dark her eyes, her eyes, burned through him as she saw.  She sneered at his old cock that hung heavy and full between his thighs and he begged his body to stop, as he took long decrepit, now utterly alive member in his hand, and still watched.
The jagged steel gave him pause as he pressed his turgid shaft through the grate, imploring his rutting wife.  The assault on her body turned in to bliss as she discovered what a man could do to her.  She stared at her ancient husband’s arousal and saw his decrepit soul watching her discover life another man’s cock.  Pressing harder, he whimpered as her climax freed her from all earthly bonds. Her groans turned into ecstatic laments and she felt herself filled for the first time.  She turned, pressed herself against the scissor gate, and kissed the old man one last time and slammed the gate open against the wall.  He stared at the crimson floor, and watched.

There was no way this was going to end well.  The minute I saw that gate I knew the ending.


Thanks to RAM for hosting this week's challenge.
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