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Thursdays and Vacation

It is Thursday.  I've been working pretty well, a little distracted by a long morning and the intense need to cum before dark.  I'll take night sex if I have to, but I really would rather cum in the sun.

I had a good run this morning (10K in 52:21) and a short phone call with a friend, and then just work and work and some Tumblr, and more work, and just a little bit of RedTube, and more work....

Now I have 20 min along, I should keep working, but ....  but.... but......

Oh, I'm trying to find even more time for FFF but that's looking doubtful because tonight we are packing for vacation.  I'll be gone for a week with very little on-line time and even less privacy.  In the old days I'd have 6 posts all written, scheduled, and ready, but not this time.  Sorry.

Come back tomorrow and I'll try to have FFF up.  In the meantime, have a wonderful week.  I won't, because, like I said, I'm going on vacation, with family, including my sister, and then seeing my whole family...  for a WEEK!!!  AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH

OK, so, if you get bored, click on the links below.  I know there is a "theme" here and a definite lack of  men, but hey, they were supposed to be for a posting that sounded good in my head but never made sense on screen.  So, don't blame me if you get in trouble for watching, but here is a couple hours of time-killer.  And yes,  there is a theme..... Don't act so shocked....

I was going to add one big gay orgy scene at the end to raise the V/P ratio, but dang, guys are ugly.  Who wants to see that?
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