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Awesome girly tidbits for a Friday

I'm in a VASTLY better mood today. I got some sleep, and boy do I feel like a whole new girl! In that spirit, here are some fabulous bits I found on the net today that pertain to the ladies, including advice and fun with Anne Taintor magnets.

From supermodel Miranda Kerr's grandmother when she got pregnant: "Now, love, don't let yourself go, Men are very visual and it's important that you wake up and get yourself together. Don't spill around the residence all day in your pajamas."

This describes me perfectly.
Why I should not have children. Ever.
For my girl Jenn. Mwah!

Then I found some other retro stuff:

This looks more like "Don't pick wax out of your date's ear in public." Agreed.
Don't pet strangers on the head. It is off-putting and you may be jailed.
I'm pretty sure someone was just murdered in this picture. Don't do that either.
Probably just repackaged cocaine.

I'll ask Patrick, but I really don't think he wants me to be a little gay for him.

 My place is behind a laptop playing video games, greeting Patrick with complaints and problems. I'm such an awful wife.
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