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Am I the only one in charge of publishing to this thing? Clearly a misstep.

I have been SO busy lately. It's been absolutely crazy here. We've got to do a million chores after we get home today in preparation for our trip tomorrow. I despise coming home to a dirty house, so a-chorin' we must go.

Items to accomplish include:
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Watering outside plants
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Emptying dishwasher
  • Eating piles of salad so it doesn't all rot
  • Cleaning the toilet
In other news, we are not going to quite make our crane thing in time for the 30th, but big deal. We will finish it after! We have 751 cranes currently, with 451 of those not yet strung, and the others will be easy enough to finish when we have time. I am not stressing myself out over a bunch of paper birds.

We have come up with the very romantic plan to fold two cranes while we're on our honeymoon/anniversary trip. We will do one apiece on this heart paper that we have, write love letters on them first, and then read them before folding them up. Those will go on the mobile as the last two cranes right at the end. Romantic, no?

In Diablo 3 news, for those of you who care, we've made it past Belial at the end of Act II (there are four Acts) and a few preliminary stages of Act III in Inferno Difficulty. Next on the agenda is Ghom, who is this grossly fat demon you have to kill in the fortress's larder. Appropriate... Anyway, we probably won't try him for a little while since he seems to be very difficult now (after a couple patches from Blizzard changing aspects of the game), and I don't want to be stressed out before our trip. After we get back, though, Fatso is going DOWN.

Here's a strange story for you:

The other day I was doing some stuff in the kitchen when I heard a knock at the door. Patrick was occupied elsewhere, so I answered it and it turned out to be a Comcast salesman. He gave me his spiel for a bit and I replied that we didn't have a land line, didn't watch tv, and already had FIOS, which is better than Comcast. He seemed confused by me telling him that we didn't watch tv, and asked if we streamed it on the internet. I said no, we don't watch it at all. So then he turned to my fuchsia and said, "That is a gorgeous fuchsia! Did your daddy buy that for you?" ...Excuse me? I replied, "Thank you, and no, I bought that for me," whereupon Gurgles tried to sneak out the front door and I grabbed him and chucked him back inside. The salesman asked me if "she" tried to get out often. I said, "No, he doesn't. I have to go now."

What was that all about? "Did your daddy buy that for you?" How is something like that ever a good way to try to curry favor with a woman you're trying to sell your crappy product to? I couldn't tell whether he was insinuating that I was 16 or that I had some sort of sugar daddy arrangement or what, but I made sure to be offended just to cover the bases. I loathe salespeople, but they aren't as bad if they don't try to make polite chitchat that comes off as horribly offensive. Insert giant eyeroll here.
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