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I think all the craziness is gone.

Thank you for all the safety wishes, lovelies! It's been just madness up here. So weird! Usually we are a pretty peaceful city... It seems our violence comes in abrupt waves and then goes away again. And yes, both of those shooting incidents were the same guy, who shot himself. So at least we're rid of him. 6 people total dead, though. And his family was all, "We could totally see THAT coming." How nice. Too bad they didn't shoot him themselves before he killed a bunch of innocent people. I have no sympathy for people who hurt others. Problems with self-harm? I can feel sym/empathy for you. But inflicting it on other people/animals? No.

I swear, every cop in the city was busy yesterday. When we were going north out of the city, we must've seen 5 or 6 cop cars zoom by on their way downtown. I thought all of them were already there or in the U District, but I guess not. They must've called in everybody.

I'm glad this mess is over.
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