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Flash Fiction Friday - Chapel Doors

She heard the Cardinals gathering outside and smiled.  Looking at the vaulted ceiling she breathed deeply and felt the ropes cut into her bare skin.  Memories flooded through her causing her body to flood of its own accord.  She looked at the enormous chapel doors, heard them creak, then saw the light filter through a small opening. 

Multi-colored dust danced in joyous celebration as the light of hope poured through the stained glass.  She arched her back to increase the pressure of the ropes and show her curves and she felt the trickle leave her lips and add to the light show exploding inside the chapel. 

She remembered being taken by the hand during the Sacraments and brought to the alter.

“You will serve the church in extraordinary ways.”  She shivered, remembering his  word with  heavily accented syllables.  “Ex-tr-a-or-di-na-ry” He was true to his word.

He walked the center aisle stopping in front of her.  She kissed his ring as his shaky hands caressed her breasts gently.  His fingers tested his consigliore’s rope work.

“Are you retiring too?”

She kissed him and nodded, “As soon as the white smoke rises.”

“Then I will let them in.”

And the conclave began.



“What a fucker.”

She realized where she was.  “TAYLOR!!!”

Her voice echoed futily off the ancient walls.  Her cunt twitched under the ropes as her blood boiled.  “TAYLOR YOU SONOFABITCH!”

She jerked her hands up and realized the ropes were woven through her lips.  The rough rope dragged across tender flesh and she gasped.

“Taylor!” she called out, moving her hand up and down, “Come on Daddy, I can’t get arrested again.”

She closed her eyes as the blood pulsed through her tits, swollen from the ropes.  As her hands pulled the hemp deeper into her cleft, she felt her heartbeat in her nipples and she knew she was edging ever closer.

She struggled to keep her balance as her juices flowed and her vision blurred.  With a sharp upward tug her clit started to sizzle and she wondered how loud she would be. 

The roughness of the rope drover her crazy, she could feel it everywhere and the soaked chords between her legs were chaffing and she ached for the pain. 

“Taylor?”  pleading now. “Please.”  Defeated.

“Yes” was all he said and she pulled upward once more and flooded the cathedral floor.

He stepped out of the shadows, threw her over his shoulder and walked out the far door.

She saw the puddle she left and called out, “Let the Conclave begin!”

"I'm not Catholic, but I play one on TV"  OK, that's a really old joke, but it's true.  Well, not on TV, but, well, I do like funny hats and pooping in the woods, but none of that matters.

This week the world watches as the Catholic Conclave begins.  It is one of the oldest political rituals in history, dating back to before there were even little boys to ... well... let's move on.  

When the picture was submitted I had to jump on it for this week's FFF.  I'm not going to make a theme of cathedral porn, but it is fun once in a while.  So thanks to Kinbaku Gardener, and everyone else who joined in today, even if it did post on Thursday.  :-)

As always, you can click HERE if you don't know what FFF is all about.
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