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And laid her head back on the desk and allowed her thighs to fall open. His strong hands held her by the backs of the knees and she watched his head bob up and down, his tongue splitting her lips again and again. She put her head back on a stack of reports and allowed her eyes to close, thinking how long it had been since she had been eaten out by a talented tongue. She loved the feeling of his hands on her legs, controlling her, keeping her open, forcing her to show what she wanted to show.   She wanted to show him everything. She wanted him to see.

Her thoughts drifted to the days of her youth when clumsy boys took hesitant licks in the steamy backseat of their father’s car. They got so close, but did so little. She had discovered the miracle of masturbation long before boys knew what to do with hands, tongues, and teeth. She was not easy, she did not invite every boy to try, but those she invited were a disappointment. How she longed, at that tender age of 17, to feel a man’s tongue between her legs.

She came back to the present and realized that she was on the precipice of a climax. His strong hands pushed her farther open, her laser bare skin glistened with the combination of her excitement and his ministrations. She did not want to hide, so she reached down with her right hand and spread her pink lips for him. She opened her eyes and looked at him. “Make me come,” her voice cracked, “please lick my pussy and make me come.”

He paused for just a moment and looked up at her, an erotic alligator with his eyes just above the surface of her flat stomach.

“Ask me again,” he said giving her clipped a tender link, “I love it when you ask.”

“Please, please make me come.” She brought herself up on one elbow so she could watch, she felt her breasts move and saw that her nipples were hard and pink.

“I love it when you suck me. I love your tongue in my cunt. I want to cum for you, eat me, please, oh fuck, eat me.”

He smiled and lifted her ass off the desk with his hands, bringing the small of her back off the leather blotter, now discolored by sweat and made fragrant by her dripping. He looked at her. He looked at her face, her smile, her beautiful eyes, her dark hair. He knew that she liked it when he looked at her and he loved what he saw. He looked at her body, no longer a 20-year-old, but beautiful with experience and wisdom. He let his hand slip from behind her left leg as he caressed her breasts and fondled gently the hardened nipples at each peak. He squeezed, eliciting a gasp and smiled in response. He felt his own cock hard and dripping,

He scooped her legs up in his hands again and leaned forward, arching her back in forcing her hips to curl upward. From here her cunt flowered open with arousal, her wetness glistened in the light of the office, the setting sun coming through the window and the harsh fluorescent lights speeding down upon her bare flesh. He looked at her.

He looked at the bare skin, carefully groomed by laser, cared for by lotions and loving hands. Her lips were so soft, hair free, delicate and full, fragrant and womanly. From here she could see his tongue extend and slide between her lips and she moaned into the office air. He wanted to torture her, to make it last, to deny her the orgasm she craved as long as she could stand, and then 5 minutes more

He looked at her, her beautiful hips that bore 3 wonderful children; her legs that walked hundred of miles to bring kids to school and back, her ass that she claimed to protect then gave willingly when the time was right. He bent down and suckled at her clit, and she felt her body preparing itself.

He took his time, knowing that she liked to build a long steady rhythm. He took his time to enjoy the fragrance, the taste slippery wet that flowed. He used his thumbs to spread her wide and increase pressure at the base. He took his time to make her happy, to make her his, to make her come

“May I come?” Her voice had a begging to it that he could not resist.

Barely taking his mouth from her lips, he whispered “You may come for me now.”

He plunged his tongue deep between her lips and suck and fucked and devoured her pussy. She bucked and thrust of against him as her orgasm exploded over her. ‘oh fuck’, was the only thing coherent she could muster. He continued to attack. He continued to take and to claim and to own.

After seconds, minutes, an hour? He felt her body relax her breathing come back close to normal. He held her gently and lowered her hips to the desk and brought her knees closed. She shivered on the hardwood of the desk and he covered her with his jacket that had hung on the back of his chair. She curled up, twitching, aching, trying to breathe.

“You love that, don’t you? Love”

Love what?”

“You love what you do to me.”

 He sat her back up and helped her slip into her slacks and dress for the drive back to her husband.

“Yes, I do.”
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