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Nothing to report - Part II

Last week I said I hate long weekends because I feel disconnected to my on-line friends.  As I thought about that all week, and relished the WONDERFUL people who responded to my self-pity fest, i tried to take a different tack this weekend, I just stayed busy.  Way busy.

A track meet for D1 (She did great!  Ran Varsity on 2 relay's and was near her best time from last year, a great 1st race of the season)
Bought lattice for the patio cover
Changes lightbulbs
Set light times,
fixed a clock
cleaned the garage
put away the ski stuff (sad face)
pulled down clothes boxes so D2 could try on D1's old stuff (seriously, hand-me-downs are the worlds BEST $$ saver)
Went to the store
Went to the pharmacy
Picked up a movie
Watched a movie, ate popcorn and M&M's
put together pictures and crap to show my mother-in-law

I still miss my peeps, especially when some are under the weather, others are taking care of ill loved ones, and some are just ripping sexy and feeling saucy. 

Today, in contrast to last week, I'm feeling happy that I have all you wonderful people in my life, making me laugh, making me horny, helping me smile, and helping me earn lots of bonus words.....

FFF will be up on Wednesday, we are going to keep it light again this week and use a picture I've had on the list for a long time.

If anyone has a good picture they want to use for Flash Fiction Friday, you can always send them to me direct, or submit them to my FFF idea blog, "More Bad Advice"

Have a fantastic Sunday!!!
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