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"As the unseen woman behind me pulls the ties in my corset tighter and tighter, you grasp the chain and pull my nipples harder and harder towards you, finally leaning in to kiss me full on the lips."

Those beautiful words above were written for me by a friend, her own personal Flash Fiction Friday.
She is a dear friend and I am thrilled and amazed that she is in my life.

I have the honor, the privilege of knowing many wonderful people.  I have been thinking a great deal about on-line affection, emotion, love, loss, jealousy, and the world in which my heart finds itself.  

Never would I have imagined, when I fired off an sexy post about a co-worker, 1455 posts and almost exactly 6 years ago, that my life would have been so enriched by all of you.

You have taught me new ways to love, many ways to find pleasure, and you have become important to me.  To be honest, some are more important than others, but we all know that so I don't feel bad saying it.  I have almost 200 followers on this little blog, some are spambots, some are gone, some are casual readers, some actually claim to have read my whole blog (yikes), and a few of you drop in, say hello, leave comments, and make my life a rich and rewarding place to be

Within this wacky world of virtual relationships, a few know my real name, have my phone number, and have become, and are, friends in every way except physical.  But the world is big and budgets are small. so I haven't seen you, held you, inhaled your fragrance, tasted your lips, shared a coffee, or felt my hand in yours.  That is the only difference.  You are no less important to me than my friends who reside in my zip code, we are just apart.

I understand the pain of not being connected to the ones I love in this way.  It is at times heart-wrenching and I feel the pangs of jealousy, loss, deprivation  and your absence makes my soul ache.  But I would not ease that pain with the unthinkable loss of the rest of you.

The heart is an expansive thing, and you have made mine full.

I will take the pain to experience the joy you bring to my life.
I will love you in the way reality allows us
I will not give you up, accept your resignation, let you go, or send you away.
You are too important to me.
We will work things out.      


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