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A birthday in the park

I called and left her a simple message. “Be ready at 9:30 AM. Be dressed in a short plaid skirt, cotton underwear, a dark blue T-shirt, and a simple front hook bra, white.”

His voice mail the simple, as most of them are, direct, a bit mysterious, but never to be disobeyed. I pulled out the short schoolgirl skirt he gave me last year for Christmas, his favorite white thong and matching T-shirt bra, and a deep blue T-shirt that I got from work, the one with a small cum stain by the collar. It drove him crazy when I wore it because the stain was not his.

I pulled up in front of her building and sent her the agreed-upon text. She came down promptly the bag in her hand as instructed. She got into the cab of my truck I kissed her lightly on the lips, the tasted of cinnamon and her hair smelled fresh, like she had just stepped out of the shower. “Are you using the shampoo we agreed on?”

She nodded her head, smiled, and said that she was. She said that she liked how it smelled how it felt on her skin.

I looked into the bag and saw 3 of her favorite toys, and anal plug, a lifelike dildo, and the G Spot vibrator that never failed to make her orgasm when we were together. I pulled the bag open a little wider and saw the large tube of lubricant. I closed the bag and snapped it shut and set it on the floor under the seat. I reached over and took her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began to pinch. She yelped at first I pinched harder adjusting my fingers to take in more flesh. I pinched harder still and her breathing became erratic, fast, and deep, she breathed deeply, rasping against the pain, until she shivered, gasped for air, and said “thank you sir.”

“Show me.” I said

She shifted in her seat and put her back against the door and lifted up her skirt. The thin white cotton fabric was now translucent and I could see the pussy outline of her lips, the full bushy dark patch of pubic hair matted against the fabric. “Good girl.”

I don’t exactly remember when he learned to make me come so quickly. All I know is that certain things were Pavlovian in their power. I could not resist. I could not stop. The way he looked at me, the way he assumed I would cum, always working its magic, and the even though my nipple would be sore for several days, to cum for him was worth it. As we began to drive in the bright morning air, I felt my cunt and nipple throbbing, connected by a single touch of his hand. I smiled, squirmed in my seat, trying not to disclose my 4thtoy, buried, deep inside.

I had not been given permission to speak so I held my peace and enjoyed the aftermath of his first gift. We drove through my neighborhood, found that the bridge, and drove over it and joined the interstate. He rarely took me so far from home so I was curious since I did not pack an overnight bag, nor did I bring any money since it was not on his list. I had no phone, no fresh underwear, and all that I carried fit in a little bag. We soon pulled off the interstate drove through a beautiful wooded stretch, and parked at an open expanse of grass.

Her ability to come on command was one of the things I loved most about her. I loved her for many reasons, but her erotic obedience was high on the list. I loved feeling her nipples in my fingers, on my tongue, and in my mouth. They were deep, fleshy pink, the epitome of womanhood, and I loved to nothing better than to suck them brutally into my mouth, biting and abusing them as my fingers sought purchase within dark regions. I would hold her on my lap sideways as she laid her head on the arm of the couch and lift her chest to my mouth as she spread, one leg up on the back of the couch and the other on the floor as I roughly finger fucked her into oblivion time after time after time. I loved the feeling of my hand crossing over her untamed bush. She liked it shaved, waxed bare, but that was not my preference, so I did not allow it. I

The drive across the river was a calming one as she sat next to me obediently quiet it smelling of her climax. She had no idea what was about to happen, all she knew was that it was her birthday.

We parked and he kissed me lightly on the lips, stepped out of his side of the cab, and walked around the back of the truck grabbing a bag out of the back. As he opened my door for me (I was forbidden to open it for myself) I turned slid my legs out of the truck’s cab an onto the ground.  As I dropped down his hand came up under my skirt and caressed me deeply between the legs. I struggled not to groan into his chest and I rested my weight against his hand and he held me up, his fingers pressing hard into my bones and my flesh. He almost lifted me off the ground using nothing pussy lips and I felt crushed and tender and I loved him for it. 

He reached inside the truck and got my small satchel out and put it in my hand and told me to carry it for myself. He reached inside his bag and pulled out my favorite blindfold. It was silky soft with 2 round eye-patches and a band that went around the back of my neck. Now, without sight, and with my hearing muffled from the band around my head, I was completely in his hands. He moved me out of the way and closed the door loudly.  I heard the rushed flutter of birds in flight as he locked his truck. 

I smiled as I thought about how many orgasms he had given me upon the seat I had just left. Too many to count, I smiled to myself, and more, many more to come, I hoped. Totally devoid of vision my steps were hesitant until we got onto the grass. He knelt behind me lifted one leg and then the other and removed my shoes. The grass was wonderfully soft on my bare feet and I knew that he would not take me anywhere that would cause me injury. He had caused me a great deal of pain, but never injury in the accidental sense. He took my left hand in his right and we began to walk.  I heard birds singing, calling back and forth to their tree mates as a gentle breeze rustled the leaves. In the distance I thought I heard other cars, voices, the sounds of humanity and I wondered if they could see me being led blindfolded through the park. As we walked he told me how special I was to him and how much my birthday meant. It made my heart swell and my body tingle to hear such niceties.

She slipped out of the truck and I felt her for readiness. She was soaking wet and I pressed deep, almost picking her up off the ground. She was small in frame, but strong, limber, the body of a swimmer and the pussy of a whore. I shifted her to my left and closed the door, locked it and we began to walk. I slipped her shoes off and as I knelt behind her could smell she was ready for her birthday present. We walked along the path and then off into the grass into a small secluded field.

I heard the sounds of the forest as we walked on, confident in my choice of locations. As I led her with my right hand, I waved to my associates with my left, and they began to follow us, not too many at a time, and not too closely as to attract attention, but they knew the day was about to begin.

After finding my balance after going down a slippery patch of grass, we came to a flat section and I could feel the sun on my face even with the mask in in place. He let go of my hand and I stood, transfixed to the spot, uncertain as to where I was or where I would go in my darkened state. He took me again by the hand after taking my bad and he led me forward.  He placed my hand on a tall organic post, perhaps bamboo with fabric attached to it. In my head I imagined a screen wall of some sort. After turning to the left and to the left again I lost touch with the wall and could feel the sun from above but shade from the sides and the sounds of the forest were muffled now.


I obeyed and found my feet and knees on the thick pile of blankets, warmed by the sun and delicate on my skin.

“Lay on your back and quiet your mind.” His voice was adorably firm, just the way I liked it when he got into the commanding frame of mind. I could sense his presence as he knelt beside me, his hands lightly grazing the insides of my thighs. I thought I heard my toys clicking together as he reached inside my satchel. But I did not hear them turn on.

Her obedience was adorable, arousing, and as the sun shone down on her form, I smiled and felt my cock harden. I laid out the toys on the blanket next to her, her large tube of lubricant next to them. Kissing her gently on the forehead I stepped out of the enclosure and saw my associates lined up as instructed.

A young girl, barely 18 according to her offered ID, held the green ticket with the #1 on it. I took it from her hand, kissed her deeply on the mouth, and whispered in her ear that she could enter the enclosure. I pulled the stopwatch out of my pocket and click the green button and watched the numbers change 5:00, 4:59, 4:58, 4:57. It wasn’t until 4:15 that I heard them both gasp. The birthday present had begun.

The blankets were warm and soft on my back and I enjoyed the sun in the solitude of lying quietly under his care. I did not know what lay in store, but I could feel my nipples harden and my lips swell. He kissed me on the forehead and took his leave, I listened as his footsteps on the soft grass got fainter and then stopped just a few feet away. ‘Was he on the other side of the wall?’ I asked myself.  As I lay quietly I heard a murmur as if he was talking to someone in hushed tones then, tentative footsteps, lighter than his, unsure of themselves approached me. I lay quietly, my feet 6 inches apart, my arms at my side, waiting.

I felt a presence next to me, then inhaled deeply smelled her perfume, it smelled sweet, a young person’s perfume, and she leaned over and I could smell her hair, it brushed against my face and I giggled quietly unsure as to what to do next. I felt her hand on my breasts as the first touch. She squeezed gently, unsure as to what to do, so I sighed silently under my breath to give her my approval. She leaned in and put her lips on my ear, assuredly breaking the rules, and whispered “happy birthday.”

She knelt back up and I felt her hair leave my face and I hoped that was not the end. It most assuredly was not as I felt her young hand slide up from my knees between my legs until her hand touched both thighs, I willingly spread open for her and she pulled the white, wet, translucent fabric to the side, and fingered me deeply with one eager, clumsy stroke.  We both gasped loudly. My birthday had begun.

Please forgive, and read around, any typos,  This was written using Voice Recognition software and my editing time is limited.  Suffice it to say, I earned my 25 extra words in a big way.
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